Specialty Price Trends - Changes for Subscribers (Dec 2022)

Changes will be rolling out in Specialty Price Trends, on December 7th, related to calculation method, data coverage and product rebrand.

Key changes in the subscriptions are summarized below:

  • Specialty Price Trends will become COMMODITY PRICE INDEXES
  • The world regions were redivided and some were renamed. The new regions are the following: Americas, West Europe, Central & North Europe, East Europe & North Asia, Southeast Asia & Oceania and Africa & Middle East
  • Active subscribers of industry “Petrochemicals” will have access to “Olefins & Derivatives”, "Aromatics & Derivatives” and “Alcohols & Organic Acids”
  • Industries “Inorganics” and “Polymers & Recyclables” will be renamed to “Inorganic Chemicals”and “Polymers”, respectively.
    The main differences can be seen in the table:

Access Now

Access After


“Olefins & Derivatives”

"Aromatics & Derivatives"

“Alcohols & Organic Acids”

"Fertilizers & Gases”

"Polymers & Recyclables"



"Inorganic Chemicals"

"Fertilizers & Gases"

"Fertilizers & Gases"

"Metals & Mining"

“Metals & Mining”

  • Historical data of price indexes will be recalculated as the methodology was completely reviewed.

You can find detailed descriptions of improvements and changes in the link below:

December 2022 Specialty Price Trends Changes