Update: October 2021 Database Changes

Improvements and changes will be rolling out in our databases, between October 29th and November 1st, related to data coverage and how data is organized in industries.

Main changes in Commodity Price Database are summarized in the table below:


Prices of 76 Commodities in "Petrochemicals"Prices of 97 Commodities: 12 in Energy Price Monitor*; 85 in "Petrochemicals"
Plastics & Polymers
Prices of 32 Commodities in "Plastics & Polymers"
Prices of 32 Commodities in "Polymers & Recyclables"
Inorganic ChemicalsPrices of 40 Commodities in "Inorganic Chemicals"
Prices of 40 Commodities in "Inorganics"
Fertilizers & FoodPrices of 36 Commodities in "Fertilizers & Food"
Prices of 38 Commodities: 24 in "Fertilizers & Gases"; 14 in "Nutrition & Renewables"
Oil, Gas & DerivativesPrices of 20 Commodities in "Oil, Gas & Derivatives"
Prices of 97 Commodities: 12 in Energy Price Monitor*; 85 in "Petrochemicals"

(*) Energy Price Monitor is a new database

Main changes in Utility Cost Database are summarized in the table below:

Cost data of 11 UtilitiesCost/price data of 42 items, as follows: 6 utilities in Water & Utility Cost Database*; 12 energy commodities in Energy Price Monitor** ; 24 commodities in Commodity Price Database

(*) Utility Cost Database will be renamed to Water & Utility Cost Database
(**) Energy Price Monitor will be a new database

Visit our Help Center for more detailed descriptions of the changes and answers to other questions you might have.

Contact Channels & Help Center Improvements

While we highly value our customers, aiming to better attend them we have just made several improvements in our contact channels.  Now, through a well-structured and yet concise contact form, customers can reach out to us in a faster and more objective manner and get answers from our team more quickly.

Also, we restructured and increased our Help Center, so that customers can more easily find answers to questions they may have about our offerings.

Methodology Improvements & Data Update Schedule

After weeks reformulating Intratec data gathering/processing routines, we are proud to announce improvements in Intratec methodology!

From now on, Intratec data updates will be sooner: instead of receiving data in the second or third week of any given month, you will now receive data until the end of the first week of each month.

Also, subscribers can now check our new Data Update Schedule - this schedule details, for the upcoming 12 months, when the data will be collected, processed and, most importantly, published.

Two-Factor Authentication: an Extra Security Step

While we at Intratec take security very seriously, we are always improving it by applying the best practices and security standards.  In this context, we are glad to announce a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as the most recent security improvement implemented.

This improvement consists in an extra security step on login: now you will be asked a verification code, sent to you via email whenever you try to log in to Intratec website from a new IP address.  This will protect your account from unauthorized logins, even if you accidentally expose your password.